The fiction of Jacqueline Applebee

~Lesbian/Bisexual Erotica~

Breast-stroke, front crawl, butterfly

By Jacqueline Applebee


It had been too many long years, since the last time I went swimming. I used to be really shy and I think I still am a little self-conscious now. I used to hide myself away at home, rather than expose myself at the baths. But goodness knows, I need the exercise and besides, I love the water.

    Everyone at the leisure centre looks so fit and lithe and I instinctively hate them. As I join the line of patrons, queuing up for entry, I spot two butch women in front of me, and they make me feel a bit better in more ways than one. I'd hate to be the only fat woman here and these lovely ladies are chunky and juicy in turn. They are also making me feel warm and devious and I haven't even seen them from the front yet.

    Oh, I love being bisexual; the possibilities are endless and my imagination takes a swan dive into depraved licking of asses, sucking on pink hard nipples and being enveloped against hard and soft bodies all at the same time.

    Of course they don't see me – they just squeeze themselves through the turnstiles and are off to the changing room. I am quick behind them, already panting – the sharp dry smell of chlorine only adds to the heady atmosphere.

There used to be a time, when I was first discovering my sexuality, when I felt uncomfortable around semi-naked women. A strict upbringing had left me feeling guilty when my eyes lingered over skin for more then they should. I felt that I was being disrespectful to these total strangers and that used to make me feel bad.

    Now I feel differently.

    I take my time changing into my turquoise swimming costume that is in sharp contrast to my cocoa brown skin. I look around at all the wet women in the changing room, who have just finished the aqua aerobics class and they look exhausted. My feet carry me through thin puddles, as walk slowly past the subdued shower area, and see naked bodies of all variations soaping and stroking, with some simply hanging their heads beneath the spray of lukewarm water – beaten into submission.

    I loiter a little at the entrance to the showers – inhale a dozen different smells of shampoos and gels, I keep my eyes moving and notice that there are more than a few big women here tonight. I adore the sweet shy way, that they try to keep themselves covered and though I guess that they don't want anyone to see how large they are in such a situation as this, but I love it. I love the way they look vulnerable and of how their towels are far too small to wrap around their girth. I love it when they try to trot quickly into a changing cubicle and everything just ‘jiggles'.

    One woman makes a good job of covering up her front with the tiny towel she holds, but she has completely forgotten the back view she presents. I turn and soak up her lovely coffee backside swinging to and fro as she walks past me quickly, to a quiet corner of the changing rooms. Her thighs call to me with a squeak and I want to reach out and bury my face to them, pushing my tongue into her wet folds, gripping her ass cheeks with both hands, licking and sucking my way to heaven.

    There is a cluster of skinny bejewelled girls, splashing about noisily at the shallow end of the pool and I avoid them, heading instead for the deep end.     The butch couple are already swimming steadily through the shimmering water, still seeming to chat to each other, whilst they stroke up and down the pool.

    I sincerely hope that I haven't forgotten how to swim, since the last time I came here. I gingerly lower myself into the deep end, and am gratified that I don't sink straight to the bottom. It feels so good to be in the cool blue water again, I wonder what made me leave its comfort.

    After a fifteen tortuous lengths, I'm exhausted but I am reluctant to leave so soon, so I push myself underwater and gaze through the sting, to spy at a pair of legs as they splash by above me. The water feels colder now and I can feel that my usually tiny nipples have turned rock hard. I would love them to be sucked right now, but there doesn't seem to be any potential here tonight.

    The need for air makes me surface and I gasp and splutter, disorientated until I see a clock on the far wall. I make a decision to leave before it gets late. I haul myself up out of the water, suddenly feeling ten times heavier and that's when notice that one half of the butch couple is not still in the pool. The woman in the water meets my eye and nods.

    I suddenly feel a whole lot wetter.

    Sure enough, in the quiet shower area is the second member of the couple. She is nude and makes a good show of pretending to wash whilst facing outwards. Her hands linger over her shoulder, kneading her hard pale flesh. I see her biceps and take a step towards her.

    Suddenly her partner is behind me and I am sandwiched deliciously between them. I let them peel off my costume and say nothing as they push me roughly, under the powerful spray of the shower. I hear gel being squished into a palm and someone jams a slicked hand between my legs. I smell pine needles and bracken and wet twigs and I open myself to what comes next. I feel the slight burn of the detergent against my sensitised flesh but it just makes me feel more energised. One moves to my side and pinches my nipples hard - the way I really like. The other has moved her finger to my ass and is circling slow and firm. I know my place tonight; they are going to exploit me for their pleasure and I am more than happy to be used.

    It doesn't take long before I am wriggling and simultaneously pushing myself onto a strong digit, whilst arching up to meet the pull of brawny fingers on my tits. The one behind me has two fingers inside me now and begins to gnaw on my shoulder when I smell hairspray and strong cheap perfume, waft through from the changing area. I remember distractedly that this is a public place. I want them to stop and I don't ever want them to stop.     The couple crane their necks to exchange a deep kiss over me and I take advantage of the new position to bite on a cherry nipple – puckered and wet.


    It doesn't matter who is doing what anymore – I feel totally full and so naughty and so good all at the same time. My fingers are rubbing an unknown clit and my backside is humping anonymous fingers and I think I'm going to explode.

    I hear a gasp from the side and realise that a shocked woman has just walked in on this scene, then I stifle my own howls as I orgasm with two hands deep inside me.

    The couple disappear off together, shortly after they've had their fun. They don't say a word to me as they leave and I'm okay with that – what good is anonymous sex, if you have to exchange phone numbers? I clean myself up and rinse slowly below the cascade of hard water, until I'm literally, squeaky clean.

    I stumble out to the changing area, and as I pull out my regular clothes from a locker, I notice that a woman is giving me strange looks. I realise that she is the one who walked in on my scene. At first I think she's being disapproving but soon get a different message, as she removes her fluffy white towel to reveal heavy luscious dark breasts. The gorgeous woman then winks at me and walks towards the shower area, smiling as she goes.

    My body may be clean and sweetly smelling, but nonetheless, I grab my towel and follow her – I think I missed a spot.


The end.