The fiction of Jacqueline Applebee


Libertas is an excellent lesbian run online shop that sells books, gifts, DVD's and much more... as in sex toys (yes!)

Gays the Word is a legendary gay and lesbian bookshop near Russell Square in London

Sh! is an erotic emporium for women (and accompanied men) who also sell books.  They are really friendly, and really, really know their stuff

The Who shop is a gem in East London. Really lovely staff who know the Doctor Who Universe inside and out, and they're always up for a chat.


 Café culture

First Out Cafe was the first ever gay space that I went to and it is a very welcoming place. It's a good place to get free gay magazines and papers and it's also a nice place to chill out, after shopping in the West End of London.

Pogo Cafe is like an oasis, sitting serene in the middle of the crazy environment that is the London Borough of Hackney. They serve, easily the best cake you could ever hope to find anywhere on the planet, and the whole cafe feels like your best friend's room (back when your best friend was a student). Fantastic

Web for Sexuality
Provide a safe space for discussion/support, for trans and questioning people in London, whatever stage in their ‘transition’ they have reached (if at all).


organise a fantastic festival/conference every year.  Transfabulous provides resources and information for transpeople or those who may be questioning their identity.  Plus the people who run it are dreamy!

BiCon 2008

This amazing convention will be held in Leicester from 28-31st August 2008.  I will be doing a "Smutty Storytelling" session, but there is lots more happening.  Check out their website for more details.

London Polyamory meet-up
at the Blue Post pub in London, on the first Tuesday of the month.

will be held on Saturday 13th September 2008.  This year, Dossie Easton will be there!  There's always a lots of fun to be had at this event.

London Bisexual Underground
meets at the Blue Post pub in London, on the second Tuesday of the month.

Naughty Supplies...
Affordable leather for corsets, cuffs, collars, latex, lube and so much more!  

Web for Reading and Writing


hosts a huge archive of FREE erotic stories to read, as well as erotic poetry and articles.  They are a very friendly bunch, and always on the look out for new contributors.

Erotic Readers and Writers Association

is a massive site.  I mainly use it to browse the 'Calls for Submissions' for erotic fiction, but they also have an extensive collection of articles on writing, reviews of adult movies, and so much more.

British Fantasy Society

The BFS provide lots of information and contacts on fantasy, sci-fi, horror and speculative fiction.  Their newsletters are a great resource.

Erotic Author's Association

Calls for submissions, author resources and news can be found in this very comprehensive site.  They also host online chats and forums for erotic authors.

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